Shortlisted For Garage of The Year 2018

After a record-breaking number of entries for Garage of The Year 2018, Brake and Service World have made the final shortlist for BEST LARGE GARAGE! This competition showcases the great diversity of independent garages and all the fantastic work that goes on at ground level – all the hard work that garages put in to stay […]


Tyre Safety Tips & Advice

Tips and advice for the family motorist If you are planning a trip away with your family, then ensuring their safety is of the utmost importance. As such, you should pay careful attention to the condition that your car is currently in. Naturally, many people would check the oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels, but […]


Driving on Holiday – 8 Top Tips

There is nothing quite like the excitement and freedom which comes with the open road. There are plenty of considerations which need to be taken into account before setting out on a road trip, and in this blog, we provide you with some helpful tips: 1. Make sure your car (and its passengers!) are ready […]

Checking Car Oil

5 Reasons to service your Car

Maintaining your vehicle will extend its life on the road. Here at Brake and Service World we recommend regular services for your car, and that isn’t so we can earn more money from you – there are real reasons that you should have your car serviced regularly and the benefits of a regular car service […]