Whats Included in a Service

Our Service Levels

  • All makes of car and van serviced.
  • Servicing starts from just £51.90
  • Service centres in Luton and Letchworth.

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Value Service (from £51.90) Interim Service (from £76.90) Full Service (from £134.30)
Oil and filter replacement
Brake fluid check
Antifreeze coolant check
Windscreen wash check
Power steering fluid check
Battery Condition
Charging system   
Exhaust system
Tyre tread and pressure   
Full brake check
Steering check
Shock absorbers check    
Suspension check
Auxiliary drive belt check
Wheel alignment check  
Wheel bearing check  
Wheel balance check  
Brake fluid condition check
Fuel filter (diesel) check  
Spark plugs (petrol) check  
Air filter check