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Is your air conditioning not working the way it used to? It could be that your air conditioning is not working correctly or needs recharging.

How do I know if my air conditioning needs a recharge or regas?

  • If your vents are blowing room temperature or warm air
  • If your Car or Van windows are steaming up
  • If the system is noisy
  • If there is a musty smell

What will our technicians do when checking the air conditioning?

We will remove the existing gas in the system and then carry out a vacuum test to check for leaks. We replenish the system with new gas, oil and UV dye, re-pressurize the system and re-check for leaks. If your air conditioning system has a leak we can identify and repair it for you at a competitive price.

What we offer

We offer R134* Gas as standard you can book your aircon recharge online for just £52.50 (reduced from £99.95).

How To Book your Aircon service online

  1. On the booking page enter your car registration
  2. On the next page tick additional services
  3. Then select aircon regas
  4. Choose your location (Letchworth or Luton), date and time
  5. Enter your contact details
  6. Review your details and make payment

*R1234YF gas – We are able to offer aircon regas service for R1234YF gas. Please call to request pricing and availability.

Get in touch for expert advice or to arrange a recharge.