Car Suspension

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Suspension & Ride Problems

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How do I know when to have my suspension checked?

• If you feel every bump in the road or the vehicle body bounces.
• If your vehicle leans when turning.
• If you feel your steering wheel slipping.
• If your wheel is hard to turn.

Why should I check my suspension?

• Good suspension keeps steering stability.
• It keeps good handling.
• It will help prevent your vehicle from rolling over.
• To give you and your passengers a smooth and comfortable ride.

What will our technicians do when checking the suspension?

Our main priority is your safety when driving your vehicle. When looking at your vehicles suspension our technicians will check for play (movement) in your wheels, both visually and physically. They will also investigate the rubber bushes to ensure they are not worn down. They will also check the coil springs are working correctly and if the dampers are turning freely. They will also check the bounce on your vehicle for the shocks.

After all these tests are completed our technicians will provide your suspension repairs and get you back on the road with a smooth ride, feeling just like new.

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