AA Certified Garages are an additional assurance that ensure you and your car are properly looked after.

When you require the assistance of a trusted and reliable local car garage, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. That’s why we created the AA Certified Garage Guide, to help drivers find garages that operate to the AA’s high standards in your hour of need.

All the high-quality, local garages listed within the AA Garage Guide are trained technicians and members of trading bodies. However, some choose to go one step further and become an official AA Certified Garage, carrying AA certified branding in the process.

How your local garages become AA Certified

All AA Certified garages have passed our rigorous on-site inspection and adhere to our Garage Promise. This promise guarantees a level of customer experience spanning transparency and the quality of workmanship, inspiring driver confidence in all AA Certified garages.

Note: Only AA Certified garages may display AA branding, so keep your eyes peeled for this on-site.

What are the mandatory requirements of any AA Certified garage?

For a local garage to pass its AA Certification Inspection, it must have the following amenities and certification:

  • First Aid kit including Eye Wash – in date
  • Fire equipment – serviced, in date
  • Motor Trade and Public Liability Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment and COSHH
  • Ramps/Lifting Equipment Certificates
  • Compressor/ Air Receiver Certificates
  • Active subscription to an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provider – contact the AA Garage Guide if you need clarification on ADRs

Checklist for all AA Certification Inspections

AA Certified garage inspectors visit independent garages and Franchise Dealerships nationwide, grading each premises on the following 12-point checklist:
1. Premises and Reception
The inspectors will assess the safety and condition of a garage’s premises, including its workshops and customer reception areas.
2. Advertising and Information
The inspectors will review the integrity and legitimacy of each garage’s advertising materials to ensure drivers are not misled about their services in any way.
3. Booking Process and Information
Customers’ ease of booking will be assessed by the inspectors, to ensure the process meets the minimum standards of AA Certification.
4. Complaints Handling
The inspectors will ensure there is a legitimate and open line of communication at the garage for dealing with customer complaints.
5. VHC and Systems
The inspectors will assess the garage or dealership’s Vehicle Health Check service and its systems for recording vehicle condition and logging items that require attention now and in the future.
6. Billing Process
The inspectors will ensure the billing process for customers is satisfactory.
7. Quality Control
The inspectors will assess the garage or dealership’s quality control standards in terms of the parts used and the maintenance carried out on each vehicle.
8. Staff Qualification and Training
The inspectors will seek assurances that all staff on-site receive periodic training and have the necessary qualifications.
9. Workshop and Equipment
The condition and age of the garage or dealership and its equipment will be assessed by the inspectors to ensure customers receive state-of-the-art service.
10. Completed Work
The inspectors will seek assurances that all completed work meets the minimum standards of AA Certification.
11. Website and Subscriber Details on Garage Guide Website
The inspectors will ensure the website and details of the garage or dealership in question are visible on the AA Garage Guide portal.
12. Vehicle Inspection (Please have at least one vehicle available for inspection)
The inspectors must view at least one completed vehicle for on-site inspection for a garage or dealership to receive AA Certification.

Ratings and reviews of AA Certified garages

All AA Certified garages are reviewed regularly by our valued customers. Each customer is invited to review their visit to the garage shortly after the work on their vehicle has been completed to tell us about their experience.

The review seeks feedback on the following five areas of the garage or dealership:

  • Value for money
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Knowledge of vehicle
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Overall turnaround time

Rate and review image


Reviews are then checked by the team and sent to the garages for their own quality control systems, before setting live on the profile of the garage on the AA Garage Guide website.

Any negative reviews are picked up and discussed with the garage. Read more about how our rating a review system works.

Brake and Service World were the first garages to be AA certified in Luton and Letchworth. Get in touch for high-quality, assured car and van services.