Which One Does Your Car Really Need?

car serviceWhen it comes to taking care of your car, there are two common things people do: an MOT test and a full car service. Both are meant to make sure your car is safe to drive, but they are different in what they check.

The MOT Test

An MOT test is required by law and checks if your car meets safety and environmental standards. It looks at things like brakes, lights, and emissions on the day of the test, but it doesn’t involve taking off the wheels, checking engine perfomance, or changing the oil and filter.

The Full Service

On the other hand, a full car service is a more thorough maintenance procedure that goes beyond an MOT test. It involves checking and fixing various parts of your car to keep it running well. This includes things like taking off the wheels to inspect brake pads and suspension, checking engine performance, and changing the oil and filter.

The differences between an MOT & Service

Here are some key differences between an MOT test and a full car service:

  • Wheel removal: An MOT test usually doesn’t involve taking off the wheels, so some parts may not be thoroughly inspected.
  • Oil changes: An MOT test doesn’t include an oil change or filter replacement, which are done during a full car service.
  • Service book stamping or dating: An MOT test doesn’t stamp or date the service book, as it’s not a service procedure, but a mandatory safety and environmental check.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic checks: An MOT test may not include in-depth diagnostic checks, which are usually part of a full car service to identify potential issues with the car’s systems.

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