MOT vs Full Car Service

MOT vs. Full Car Service

17 April 2023

When it comes to taking care of your car, there are two common things people do: an MOT test and a full car service. Both are meant to make sure your car is safe to drive, but they are different in what they check.

Common brake problems. Get a free brake check

Common Brake Problems and How to Identify Them

8 March 2023

Brakes are a crucial component of your vehicle, providing the necessary stopping power to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Unfortunately, brakes can experience various problems over time, which can compromise their performance and put you at risk.

Driving Holidays

Driving Holiday – 8 Top Road Trip Tips

16 August 2022

There is nothing quite like the excitement and freedom which comes with the open road. There are plenty of considerations which need to be taken into account before setting out on a road trip, and in this blog, we provide you with some helpful tips.

tyre safety

Tyre Safety Tips & Advice

14 July 2022

If you are planning a trip away with your family, then ensuring their safety is of the utmost importance. As such, you should pay careful attention to the condition that your car is currently in. Naturally, many people would check the oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels, but fail to carry out one more crucial check.

winter safety tips

Winter Driving Tips For Southerners

1 December 2021

Winter weather in the south of England can often be benign but gloomy throughout the colder months. But that should never lull us into a false sense of security when it comes to winter weather driving precautions. Our weather can get just as nasty as those more used to wintry driving conditions.

mechanic and women checking tyre

Pre MOT Checklist

27 November 2020

An MOT takes around 45 minutes. Preparing your car for its MOT doesn’t have to be too time consuming, here are a few simple checks you can carry out before you take it in to the garage to help it pass.

Garage of the year

Shortlisted For Garage of The Year 2018

16 November 2018

After a record-breaking number of entries for Garage of The Year 2018, Brake and Service World have made the final shortlist for BEST LARGE GARAGE!

How To Check Tyre Tread

22 July 2016

Checking your tyre tread is an easy and simple task. You do not need to have your own tyre tread gauge, all it requires is a 20p piece. The legal minimum for a tyre tread in the UK is 1.6mm.


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