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Brake and Service World provides one of the fastest and most accurate car diagnostics. Using the latest technology from the automotive industry, our expert team can quickly pick up fault codes and warning lights and fix the problem in record time. Thanks to our vehicle diagnostics tools, we’ll soon have you back on the road with a car that’s in top working order.

Got a warning light?

We know how worrying and stressful it can be when those red and amber lights appear on your dashboard. Not knowing what the problem is means you don’t know how safe your car is to drive, and even if you can consult the manual, you’re not always able to fix the issue yourself. That’s why it always pays to get your vehicle checked over by an expert as soon as possible.

We use the most advanced diagnostic tools to accurately pinpoint where the issue lies. Once we’ve diagnosed a fault, we can set our team to work on sorting it out, so you can get your wheels back as soon as possible. Whether it’s a complex electrical problem or something wrong with your brakes, we can diagnose the problem with ease and efficiency.

Just drop in!

If you have a warning light on your dashboard, simply pop into our AA certified Luton or Letchworth garage. Our qualified mechanics and technicians are always on hand to take a look at your vehicle, charging only a small fee to diagnose the problem. Once we know what the fault is, we can advise you on how safe your vehicle is to drive and help you make the best decision on your next steps.

Having a regular service and MOT will help keep the number of warning lights you get down. To book your service with us, simply get in touch by phone or book online.