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What is included in our Tyre Fitting Service

  • Car & Van tyres fitted up to 24″
  • Tyres fitted while you wait
  • Prices are inclusive of new valve*, electronic wheel balancing VAT and environmental disposal of the old tyre casing
  • Free wheel alignment check

*If your vehicle is fitted with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) we will replace the valve core.

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Quality Tyre Prices
175/65 R14 – From £36.90
185/60 R14 – From £36.90
185/65 R14 – From £39.90
185/60 R15 – From £39.90
185/65 R15 – From £39.90
195/45 R16 – From £44.90
195/55 R16 – From £49.90
195/60 R15 – From £39.90
195/65 R15 – From £39.90
205/40 R17 – From £49.90
205/50 R17 – From £55.90
205/55 R16 – From £34.95
205/60 R16 – From £49.90
215/50 R17 – From £57.50
215/55 R16 – From £47.50
225/40 R18 – From £47.50
225/45 R17 – From £44.90
235/40 R18 – From £55.70

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We can check your wheel alignment to ensure that your tyres are wearing evenly to maximize the life of your existing or new tyres.

Call us today and see how much you could save on tyre replacement.

It is vital that your car is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre, and that it is inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. There are also legal requirements that apply to every vehicle on UK roads in terms of minimum depth of tread. If you feel that your car is not handling or gripping the road as well as it normally does, particularly in poor weather conditions, or it takes longer than usual to stop when applying the brakes, this could be an indication that your tyres need to be changed.

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